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Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength

Herbalife24™ Rebuild Strength Product Spotlight

John Heiss, Ph. D., Director of Sports & Fitness at Herbalife, explains Herbalife24™ Rebuild Strength. Herbalife24™ is a complete performance nutrition line designed to meet the nutritional needs of athletes 24 hours a day. Rebuild Strength is formulated with 24 g of milk protein to support lean muscle mass. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Herbalife24 Rebuild StrengthSustain muscle building with a shake that delivers a tri-core protein-amino blend of free amino acids, whey and casein proteins to help rebuild fatigued muscle over a multi-hour period. Rebuild Strength’s carbohydrate blend helps enhance muscle recovery by supporting the delivery of amino acids for muscle synthesis.*
Immediate and Sustained Muscle Recovery*
Target user:
• All athletes after resistance or low-aerobic training
• Anyone: protein-rich snack / supplement
Key Features:
• 24 g dairy protein
• 190 kcal / serving
• 4000 mg BCAAs
• 3000 mg L-glutamine
• Bioavailable and buffered electrolytes
• 20% DV iron
• 300 mg calcium
Usage scenarios
• Power lifter after finishing a gym session
• CrossFit athlete after a workout
• Anyone after a light to moderate aerobic workout (eg. those looking for tone and overall fitness)
Rebuild Strength provides:
• L-Glutamine is an important amino acid
• Helps rebuild muscle after workouts
• Supports immune function*
Why you need it:
• Lose up to 50% of L-glutamine during exercise
• Without adequate recovery, fitness and health are compromised
Consume REBUILD STRENGTH immediately following muscularly demanding training.
• Dairy protein
• Branched-chain amino acids
• Glutamine amino acid
• Carbohydrate blend
• Tri-core protein-amino blend of free amino acids, whey and casein proteins, creates a sustained muscle-building state*
• Branched-chain amino acids support muscle recovery*
• Glutamine supports immune function and promotes muscle repair*
• Rapid- and sustained-release carbohydrate blend supports the delivery of amino acids to muscle*
• Power lifter after finishing a gym session
• CrossFit athlete after a workout
• Football player looking to build lean muscle
• Anyone who needs high protein
• An office worker looking for an afternoon, protein-rich shake
• Anyone after a yoga or Pilates workout
24 g whey and casein protein > Lean muscle mass
Branched-chain amino acids (BCCAs) > Jumpstarts recovery
L-Glutamine > Muscle building block / immunity
Precise amount of carbohydrates > Helps utilize the protein